Life Updates

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up that I’m going to be taking a hiatus from blogging until next Thursday’s post. I’m going through some stuff in my personal life and as much as writing usually helps me cope with things, I just don’t really have the mental energy right now. I hope you all understand, and I hope you all know just how much every single one of you who’s supported my little blogging dream so far has meant to me. Every comment, read and share makes me feel like I’m doing something right and I really hope, if nothing else, that at least one of my posts has had an impact on your lives or brightened your day just a little bit.

Before I go, I just have a couple things I want to share.

The words “self care” get thrown around a lot nowadays, both in general and on my blog. I know sometimes it may seem almost silly, or simple, or unnecessary, or even just the preachings of lifestyle bloggers who superficially advertise how to “live your best life”. But it really is important to take care of yourself.

Check in with yourself. Make sure you’re doing okay. If not, reach out to someone. If you don’t know where to turn, even if you don’t know me personally, I am always more than happy to listen to anything and everything you need to share.

Check in with your friends. Tell them you love them. Make sure you let them know, through actions and words, how much you care about them and value having them in your life. Not just today, but every day.

Know your boundaries. Do not give too much of yourself to things that do not benefit your mental well-being. We live in a culture that values pushing yourself to the limit in order to appear as though you’re being successful. Just know there is more than one definition of success in life, and even the little victories count as victories. If you have to step back from something in your life for whatever reason, do not feel guilty. You have to do what’s best for you.

And above all, be kind. Everyone has a battle going on in their lives you know nothing about. It may seem that everyone around you is successful and happy 24/7, but that is never the case. Everyone has bad days, or worse, and you would never know. It is always important to be kind.

I love you all so much, and thank you for understanding.



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