6 thoughts on “My Favourite Outfits For Spring 2021!

  1. CristinaR says:

    Love these outfits! I fell in love with the black dress and combat boots combo!! Honestly, graphic shirt always comes a long way and has been my go-to for so long, I can’t give them up! x


  2. Jaya Avendel says:

    Dang . . . two years is right! I keep having the same thought myself. Seems like such a long time ago and also something that is still right over my shoulder when I turn around.

    I am more of a maxi dress, skirt, and loose t-shirts and blouse kind of gal in the spring and summer. I missed out on the strawberry dress trend, but, wow, loving the one you picked up! The colors just go together perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing!


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