18 thoughts on “My Favourite Outfits For Spring 2021!

  1. Sumedha says:

    Lovely outfits! I especially love the black dress and the big shoes. It’ll probably be a little longer for me to get back out and who knows how much my body will change (just.. why haha) so I’ll hold off on shopping for now. It might just become wintertime for me again.

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  2. Janet says:

    LOVE your style! I actually thought it was a model before I read the text and realized it was you. Especially love the first one. Very Great Gatsby meets Meredith meets 2021.

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  3. Jaya Avendel says:

    Dang . . . two years is right! I keep having the same thought myself. Seems like such a long time ago and also something that is still right over my shoulder when I turn around.

    I am more of a maxi dress, skirt, and loose t-shirts and blouse kind of gal in the spring and summer. I missed out on the strawberry dress trend, but, wow, loving the one you picked up! The colors just go together perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing!

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